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MCNS produces custom formulations to meet individual customer requirements based on acceptable blowing agent technology. Some line trials may use base technology, however these technologies will always be fine tuned to meet your reaction profile and and required properties. 





After careful consideration of the time and resources required to perform trials of a new polyurethane foam into a production line, and in light of recent necessary Covid changes to factory entrance protocols, MCNS is proud to be the first and only in the industry to offer a creative solution. Our mobile line trial labs offer the convenience for uninterrupted production, zero factory downtime and a healthier approach to interaction during our chemistry evaluations.

It's a program we've discussed internally for some time now and given the current restrictions on factory visitation now and in the foreseeable future, MCNS feels it's time to permanently integrate our mobile labs into our everyday functionality.

mcns trailer.png


An MCNS self contained mobile line trial lab will show up at your facility and:

  • Collect the samples you wish to test

  • Inject the samples onsite, outside in our climate controlled mobile lab

  • Return them within minutes for your QC process and wait for results

  • Repeat the process if necessary

When the QC check is approved we can proceed into discussions with the appropriate company team members immediately or schedule a follow up meeting in person, on GoToMeeting or Zoom.

It's really that simple!


We get it, you don't want outsiders on your production lines right now, and with cleanliness & health as the main concerns who could blame you. We further understand there's not always time or interest to shut down production lines to trial potential new chemicals. In an effort to keep your business and employees as safe, productive and routinely operational as possible during our product trials we bring our Mobile Trial Labs directly to you.


We never need to step foot into your building, we simply need products from your line which are to be filled & tested, and a small amount of space in your parking lot. From there our technicians can inject, QC check and submit samples back to your lab all in a matter of minutes for your review and approval.


MCNS hopes you see this as an innovative strategy to deal with the complex circumstances we are all dealing with in our ever changing environment. We further hope you will let us show you what new solutions we can suggest for your production line and factory settings. Please contact us today to schedule a mobile line trial. We appreciate your consideration.

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