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Many companies claim they will save you time and money, and then simply offer you a lower price. At MCNS we go steps beyond by understanding your product line, your vision and your process completely. Representatives from MCNS will tour your office, factory and production lines, during our tour we :

  • Make confidential notes on your production process

  • Time out reaction profiles of your current chemicals

  • Have honest open discussions with employees on the line as well as management to understand both the positive and negative aspects of the current procedures

  • Objectively note areas that work well and areas that could use improvement


And then we study our findings carefully at our home office in a group of nine. Each employee has a dedicated task in the discussion, during the review process we determine: 

  • If MCNS can genuinely supply advanced chemistry options 

  • Can the current equipment delivery system be enhanced

  • Does the current process has room for improvement

  • Did we discuss all the concerns noted by employees and Management


At this point we candidly discuss if MCNS has any true added value to offer your organization as a supply partner. If the answer is yes, then we produce a customized power-point outlining our suggestions and ask to schedule a follow up meeting with our findings.

If the answer is no, then we congratulate you on a seamless process. 

Please contact us today to schedule for your customized solution package. 

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